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DMM HB Brass Offsets (Sizes 0 – 6)


7 Sizes. Silver soldered for extra strength. Alloy swage aids even loading. Colour coded.

Variant Weight Strength Colour Cat No
HB Brass Offset 0 4g 2kN Gold A1700
HB Brass Offset 1 7g 4kN Blue A1701
HB Brass Offset 2 9g 5kN Red A1702
HB Brass Offset 3 10g 5kN Grey A1703
HB Brass Offset 4 14g 7kN Purple A1704
HB Brass Offset 5 17g 7kN Green A1705
HB Brass Offset 6 24g 10kN Silver A1706
HB Brass Offsets 2-4 33g A1702/04
HB Brass Offsets 0-6 85g A1700/06

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  • Offset brass micro nuts on wire
  • Aluminium swage aids even loading
  • Machined from brass and silver soldered for strength
  • 7 sizes
  • Colour coded for easy recognition
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