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Extra Services

Absolute Outdoors Australia provide a quality, professional service in Team-Building that has already proven to be very effective for many businesses. We understand and know from our own experience that for a Team to be successful it needs appropriate leadership, effective communication, confidence, a common objective, and respect for one another and the important role they provide for the team.

Team Building Day

We offer a wide variety of activities with various options to help tailor the day to your groups specific objectives. We recommend starting the day with initiative activities and can follow this up with some adventure-based activities relevant to the groups needs. Below is a description of the activities available.

Initiative Activities:
Starting with warm-up style activities we quickly progress on to more challenging activities that address appropriate leadership, effective communication, teamwork, listening as well as speaking, confidence and stepping out of your ‘comfort zone’, all paramount to a groups efficiency and success in the work place. The activities are all low to the ground, fun, practical, and flexible in terms of group size and projected outcomes. Initiative Activities are Mobile – we can come to you!

High Ropes:
A collection of exciting and challenging activities set ten metres up off the ground. Harnesses and helmets are put on and a safety brief is given. Trust, communication, encouragement and teamwork are the order of the day here. Everyone in the group doing the best of their ability is the main focus and we call this “challenge by choice”.

Zero to Hero**

The Zero to Hero day covers many activities in one day and requires the group to successfully complete the day as a team. Teamwork is essential to the success of the group and it is important that everyone in the team has a role to play and that everyone’s strengths and weaknesses are used to the benefit the team.

To find out more about these services please contact us.