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There is no doubt that all of us here at AOA live in some of the most beautiful places in the world. So, here you will find a little more about the people you will see for tours, in the shops and out on the trails. We want to share with you our highlights and why we love what we do so much.

Have you seen us at a race? Come and see us, no doubt we will have a spare Torq bar or some delicious treat to keep Jonno rolling.

  • Name: Glenn Warren AKA The big manAbout:

    Glenn is a little like the Grampians legendary 'black panther' - rarely sighted during daylight hours yet very sought after.
    The big man is the original, the reason we are all here today.
    Glenn loves the outdoors, anything outdoors. Always up for an adventure or to inspire others to adventure.
    He looooovvvvveeessss chocolate in any form and we haven't stopped hearing about the Atlantic Salmon he once tasted in this tiny town in Canada.
    If you are lucky enough to sight the Big (little) man be sure to say hi because there is no doubt the man has some incredible stories. We have been sworn to secrecy but, if you ask politely he may let you in.

  • Name: Glenn KeilarAbout:

    With hair like Glenn's surely, cannot miss him.
    Glenn is a local boy born and raised in the Grampians - some would say he knows his way around the Grampians better than he knows the back of his hand. The manager of our Grampians division Glenn has now also been working at AOA for over 10 years. Perhaps we should give him a medal of honour?

  • Name: Jonno AlmondAbout:

    The man in lycra - Jonno is often seen riding up the hills, along the flats or on the trail.
    An ex-AOA staff member he often makes a quick re-appearance to help out.
    Before coffee is a bad time for Jonno and early mornings are not a friend however, riding for 24 hours on his mountain bike is pure bliss.
    Jonno is part of the AOA family that can be seen at races across the country or out on the fireline with a rakehoe in hand. This fit whippet knows all the best road ride in the Gramps, next time you see the bright orange logo be sure to say hello.

  • Name: Cass HebbardAbout:

    Seen before dawn running around town, most of the time you will hear Cass before you see her. Our resident gear and movement junkie Cass - is the reason we all often have empty pockets. To see Cass without a coffee in her hand is a very rare sight!
    Cass loves to get out and about and would love to show you around her backyard - if she isn't available, we are certain she can point you in the direction of the amazing views, adventures or runs.
    Keep your eyes out for Cass, generally seen on the playground or at the cafe, we guarantee she will help you pick the perfect adventure.